Young adults gathering information at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre, at Glacier National Park.

The Parks Canada Fees Consultation is now closed. Thank you to all those who have participated in this important consultation.

Let’s Talk!

How fees are set at Parks Canada

Public engagement plays an important role in the fee-setting process, and Parks Canada wants to ensure that Canadians, as well as partners and stakeholders, have an opportunity to contribute to these conversations.

This engagement will explore three core principles of Parks Canada’s approach to pricing: Reasonable cost recovery for quality services, balancing public and private benefit, and aligning fees with market prices. Your feedback will be used to help ensure that future decisions about fees reflect the values and priorities of Canadians, while supporting sustainability for Parks Canada’s services to visitors. To learn more about the engagement process, click here.

How your feedback will be used

Your input will be used to help inform future price decisions on optional, value-added facilities and services not typically included with admission, as well as updates to some fee definitions. Fees for admission, lockage, accommodation, and businesses licenses will not be adjusted as part of this engagement process, and any changes resulting from this engagement would be implemented starting in 2021.

Reasonable cost recovery for quality services

How Parks Canada recovers some of the costs for delivering services through fees.

Balancing public good and private benefit

How some fees have different levels of cost recovery than others, based on who benefits the most from the service.

Aligning fees with market prices

How Parks Canada fees compare with prices of other organizations offering similar services.

Working with the tourism industry

How Parks Canada should manage fees used primarily by the tourism industry. (For tourism industry representatives)

How do Parks Canada fees work?

Parks Canada’s funding comes from two sources: Tax dollars and user fees. Tax dollars fund Parks Canada’s conservation efforts, while user fees help pay for visitor services and facilities that are enjoyed by millions of Canadians every year. The revenue Parks Canada collects from fees is reinvested locally, helping to ensure that visitors continue to enjoy world-class experiences at some of Canada’s most iconic destinations. To learn more about fees at Parks Canada,
click here.