Young adults gathering information at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre, at Glacier National Park.

Why is Parks Canada engaging with Canadians?

Parks Canada is seeking input from Canadians on how to make fees easier to understand, as well as feedback on how some fees are set. In the ten years since Parks Canada last updated fees, there have also been a number of service improvements, and some definitions no longer reflect the current visitor offer.

This engagement will focus on price adjustments for optional, value-added facilities and services not typically included with admission. Parks Canada is not considering changes to broadly used fees, such as admission, lockage, and accommodations as part of this consultation. Parks Canada will also not make changes to fees for businesses operating in their locations, or for residents of town sites following this engagement process.

Your feedback will be used to help make decisions about fee changes for more specialized visitor services such as enhanced experiences, hot pools, visitor transit, fishing permits, venue rentals, and parking.

See the full list of fees that may be impacted by this engagement

What happens next?

Following the conclusion of the engagement period, Parks Canada will collect and analyze the feedback received, and use this information to help guide future pricing decisions. Parks Canada will communicate the results of the engagement and publish any resulting fee adjustments in advance of implementing changes. Any potential fee updates resulting from this engagement process would be implemented starting January 1, 2021.

Parks Canada’s role in tourism

As the guardians of some of Canada’s most iconic natural and cultural treasures, Parks Canada plays an important role in the Canadian tourism sector. A portion of this engagement will focus on proposed changes to definitions that are specific to the travel trade industry. Other questions that focus specifically on industry matters have been prepared for these stakeholders.

If you are not a member of the tourism industry, you are invited to complete the first three modules. If you are a member of the tourism industry, an additional module has been designed for questions specific to the industry.